It took a few weeks, but today we've got a new Steam build!

There are now roughly 500 people that have access to the Steam development build of Toki Tori 2! We’d like to thank everyone that enlisted, and hope you like what we’ve cooked up today.

We’re going to keep handing out codes for the time being, so contact us if you want to participate!

This is what the team has been working on during the last three weeks. Baby steps, but not less important than the final polish we put on our games in the end.

This is what’s in there:

  • Rudimentary movement for the creatures
  • Line of sight from creature to creature
  • First version of Whistle and Stomp
  • The level editor

We’d like to ask you to check out the level editor, as it allows you to fool around with the build and we’d love to get feedback on that from you. There is a real chance that at the end of the project we’ll release the editor so people can make their own levels!

Have fun and let us know in the comments section what you think!


Two Tribes, Friday November 11 2011