Over the years, I've had to endure a lot of abuse from my colleagues over my lack of programming skills. I like pretty pictures and program to make them appear on screen. I don't need to know my integers from my floats for that!

Some ten years later I wish I had paid more attention, because I feel like the dumbest person at Two Tribes at the moment. Or in other words: I’ve started programming again, this time in the shape of scripts for Toki Tori 2.

This week I took on the task of making the Berrybugs. These creatures serve as food for the Bubblefrog and can walk anywhere in the level, even on ceilings and walls. My goal was to get them to a level where they could be of use to designers.

I feel like I spent ten times longer than for instance Hessel would, but I do feel a sense of pride! These Berrybugs are fully functional and can now be used in levels to find out if they are fun to fool around with.

From now on, designers (and you guys when we release a new build) can place berry bugs, stick them to walls, make them be sleepy and assign a nest for them to respawn when they die. Check out the video to see them in action!

Collin, Thursday December 22 2011