TOKI TORI 2+ 秘められた謎と不思議な島 - yes that's the full title - is out on Wii U in Japan today!

We’re Live in Japan!

So we’ve started releasing our games in Japan, starting with EDGE last June, courtesy of our publisher Rainy Frog. There’s a special reason why this makes me all happy inside.

As a boy I grew up playing games on the MSX home computer. Not many people are familiar with it, because it was mostly popular in Japan and, for some reason also, the Netherlands. Several franchises were actually born on the system, such as Castlevania and Metal Gear. They were released on MSX first and ported to NES and other platforms later on. Even Toki Tori took this path, since I made Eggbert, which later became Toki Tori, on the MSX2 in the early 90’s.

For me, Japan has always been that special place where awesomely original games came from. Maybe less so now that they are focusing more on western genres, but still, developers such as Platinum Games and Treasure keep surprising me with their originality. In short, Japan rocks and it’s cool to have our games available there!

To celebrate, we’ll visit Tokyo Game show in two weeks to show off TOKI TORI 2+ 秘められた謎と不思議な島 in the Indie Games Area. If any Japanese gamers are reading this, come say Konnichiwa!

( ^_^)/

Collin, Wednesday September 3 2014