Toki Tori merchandise

We regularly get comments from people who’d like to own a real Toki Tori, be it in pluche or plastic form. We’ve been toying around with it for quite some time, but the costs are usually too high for the small numbers we’d be producing.

We recently learned about Shapeways, a new company that aspires to be the YouTube of 3D printing. We decided to try it out and the results are truly spectacular.

The model is five centimeters high and can be produced in a variety of different materials. We should be able to print bigger ones as well, but the cost will rise exponentially.

Now the question becomes, would you guys and gals be interested if we were to offer Toki Tori merchandising? What about pluche toys? Perhaps something else? Let me know your thoughts and desires and we may be able to get something started here.

Two Tribes, Saturday January 24 2009