I designed two Toki Tori T-shirts, question is: would you wear them?

Update 14: T-Shirts

I’ve always wanted to design a T-shirt. I even made a T-shirt themed achievement for the original Toki Tori. There is something extremely appealing to me to design something you can actually wear (I might be weird though). So when the opportunity to design Toki Tori 2 T-shirts came by, I sprung into action!

With the help of Collin’s brother (who runs his own clothing store), I started working on the designs. Because we want high-quality shirts, there are some restrictions. The most visible one is the limited number of colors. So I had to convert Meinte’s awesome full-color art to something more stylistic and be smart about it. For example, the frog’s pupils are supposed to be black, but using a whole new color for such a small surface would be a waste. I solved this by using the frog’s, dark green, body color for the pupils too.

Another “restriction” that applies is that the shirts should be Toki Tori 2 themed. So no appearance of the old cast (except for the porcupine, but even its look will be updated) or themes. Obviously Toki should have his own T-shirt and, since we got such positive feedback on the bubble frog, I’ve designed a shirt for him too.

So without further ado, and a little Photoshop magic, here are my designs. I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Both t-shirts

On the left: OMG I’m Toki Tori! On the right: Frog-tie
Hessel, Wednesday January 25 2012