Presenting the Bubblefrog, in animated glory!

Update 13: First Animations

Chances are you weren’t very impressed by the characters in Toki Tori 2 up until now. It is standard practice in game development to start out with rough placeholders and our process is no different. Exposing the new gameplay structure and finding the fun in that was more important and took up most of our resources up until now.

Now that that’s pretty much taken care of, we’ve begun animating the first creatures. Actually, Meinte (new to Twitter, give him a follow!) is spending all his time bringing the creatures to life. As with most things in Toki Tori 2, the characters will be quite a departure from the original. Feast your eyes on this example animation of the Bubblefrog.

Since our creatures are so much more important to the gameplay than in the original Toki Tori, we think they deserve more personality and custom animations. Actually, I think Toki Tori will have the least animations of all the creatures in the game, since he only whistles and stomps!

In the following weeks, we will be adding animations for not just the Bubblefrog, but also the Copybug (creature that copies your sound) and Toki Tori himself. Expect these to appear in the next build or the one after that.

For the newcomers, you can follow us up close by applying for a development build on Steam. We’ve got unlimited codes, and everyone is welcome to watch and help us make Toki Tori 2 great!

Collin, Thursday January 19 2012