It’s finally here, the most anticipated release in many, many years in the music business. In fact, let’s just outright say it - it’s the most anticipated release in business in general. Yes, you guessed right: the Toki Tori 2 soundtrack has descended from the heavens to be owned by YOU!

Toki Tori 2 Soundtrack Released

Now available on bandcamp!


The release contains a whopping 31 tracks, a digital poster signed by all the developers and a build-it-yourself-hermit-crab!

The tracks are ranging from laid back Hawaiian slide guitar vibes to tear jerking violin solos. This is what everybody’s been waiting for! Flutes, cencerros, bells, tiny choirs, mallets, little bubbling and popping sounds all warrant to give you that happy-pappy-smile that is trademark of Toki Tori and its founding fathers at Two Tribes.

It has scarce landed on earth and already it has been noted by the great connoisseurs of our time:

“The music is generous, it just gives and gives and gives. I drink the music, I drink it as if I were as thirsty as someone who has been lost for days in the scorching desert”, muses Nicole L.L. van King in her article: ‘The sound of Toki Tori and how it consistently breaks new ground’.

“The Toki Tori 2 soundtrack is the epitome of a magical experience, brimming with life and cleverness, slowly lulling you into a dream you never want to wake from again”, says Arny Strumveer in his publication: ‘The 100 best albums of all time’.

The amazing people from SonicPicnic are yet again behind this wonderful release and they have, yet again, outdone themselves with this showcase of pure magic. “We’ve incorporated many different themes from the Toki Tori legacy, going back as far as its Game Boy Color roots sometimes”, the modest guys at SonicPicnic explain in an interview.

Keen listeners will note all these references, layers and political statements, and smile even more than they already did, being the happy owners of a copy of this pearl among pearls.

The Toki Tori 2 soundtrack features a long list of famous artists, the biggest star among them perhaps being the legendary Royal Eggbert Choir. Their collaboration was “a blast of musical goodness”, according to the attractive and toned fellows at SonicPicnic. “Every note they sang was a gift from above”, they continue, “it was like wandering through a lush forest of magical candy bars, where every bite we took from the many-colored trunks triggered a peerless feast of tastes for all senses.”

The Toki Tori 2 soundtrack is already acknowledged worldwide as an unbelievable album, masterfully crafted to a living, breathing thing.

An album that can only be described as divine.


Heart breaking.


And it’s waiting for you to buy it and be a part of it and cherish it until the end of time.

So what are you waiting for, get it from bandcamp:


SonicPicnic, Wednesday April 17 2013