It's taken over 18 months, but today is the day that our yellow chick hatches on the Wii U eShop!

Toki Tori 2: OUT NOW!

Yes!!! Today, April 4th 2013, marks an important day in the history of Toki Tori and therefore Two Tribes. Almost 12 years ago, our very first game Toki Tori was released on the Game Boy Color. Two Tribes made Toki Tori and Toki Tori made Two Tribes. So the two are entwined, fused, soul brothers or whatever you want to call it. We did make numerous versions of the original Toki Tori on a gazillion different platforms, but never really had the chance to make a true successor.

Today all that changes with the release of Toki Tori 2. If you have been living in a cave or don’t know anything about Toki Tori 2, you can read all about it on his official gamepage.

We hope that you will enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed making it!


To celebrate this delightful event, we made a new trailer which we’ll hereby officially declare the “Toki Tori 2 for Wii U Release Trailer”!


Today we also launched the official “Toki Tori 2” community on MiiVerse. Be sure to follow our official developer accounts:

TwoTribes, company account
TokiTori, our tweeting hero
Collin.TwoTribes, designer/co-founder
mreuvers, programmer/co-founder

A Big Tnx!

Finally, a big thanks goes out to all those that helped make this game possible. See the ingame credits below. Special thanks goes out to our hardcore dedicated test team and all thousands of Steam beta testers! Thanks guys, for making our lives miserable by ruining intended puzzle solutions and by finding all these hard to reproduce bugs ;) No seriously, we couldn’t have made this game without your dedication. A very big thumbs up to you!


Development Team

(in alphabetical order)

Hessel Bonenkamp
Marco Bouterse
Bastiaan Deknudt
Collin van Ginkel
Niels ‘t Hooft
Jay van Hutten
Jeroen Koelewijn
Laurens van Klaveren
Shan Poon
Martijn Reuvers
Eelke Schipper
Meinte van der Spiegel
Paul van Zelst


Frans Baud
Alex Bon
Jos van Gils

Expert Testers

Daniel Beard
Edwin ‘Mr Blinky’ Blink
Cengizhan Can
Frazey Cowell
Robin ‘Jake’ van der Ploeg
Daan Siepelinga
Rik Somers
Diederik Volkers


Wesley Akkerman
Dario Andriola
Floyd van Boksel
Anne Bras
Jur Dijkman
Michiel Gerritse
Matthijs van Herwijnen
Daan Koopman
Koen van Loon
Laurens Mathot
Marjolein Pronk
Martijn Schuurman
Timna TomiĊĦa
Cherilyn Uktobeja
Sven Verschoor
Yorick Walter
Raymond Zachariasse
Maarten van Zanten
Olaf Zwennes

...and of course a big thanks to all beta testers!
Audio by SonicPicnic

Yorick Goldewijk
Tuur Hendrikx
Stefan Leertouwer
Wouter Messelink
Robin Schaefer

Special Thanks

Dan Adelman
John Bartkiw
Darren Calvert
Fiona van Elburg
Philip Federico
Loreto Sanz Fueyo
Christian Heider
Delfo Pinto
Steve Rabin
Anna Sweet
Tim Symons
Jasper Szarafinski
Thomas Whitehead

Open Source Kudos

Garry Newman (GWEN)

Mikko Mononen (Recast Navigation)

Alberto Demichelis (Squirrel)

Greetings to

All Friends and Family
Carina Johannesson
Britt Kleiberg
Peter Koelewijn
Paul’s Mom
Bob the Painter
Sanne Vroom
Guybrush Threepwood

Two Tribes, Thursday April 4 2013