One day left until the launch of Toki Tori 2+... Time to spoil you with a final batch of in-game screenshots! All in full HD of course :)

After almost 21 months after its announcement, we will finally release Toki Tori 2+ on Steam tomorrow! Lately we have been working on various design improvement, detailed in one of our previous blogs. But of course we have changed a lot in the graphical department as well! Time to show you a final batch of screenshots!

Pro tip of the day: click to enlarge to full HD, or download them all together in a handy zip file!


It’s a bit crowded here!

Arggg… dragon! Argggggg… lava!

Bird grabbing bird!

Stay away from the dark!

Roasted chicken coming up!

Cave Johnson would be so proud!


Martijn, Wednesday July 10 2013