[Dec 31st]
Daily sales of RUSH increased by 7000% while being the Daily Deal at Steam! We expected an increase, but not to this extend. What we did expect was it to drop dramatically once the game stopped being the Daily Deal, which it did unfortunately :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

RUSH Sales Statistics [updated]

[Dec 22nd]
The first two days of the Steam Holiday Sale have been very good for us, with a 900% increase in numbers over the previous day! The game is now, as is every Indie game on the service, on sale at 50% discount. It will be interesting to see if this is a temporary spike, or if it is sustainable over the coming two weeks of the Steam Holiday Sale.

[Dec 20th]
As expected, the sales leveled off after the initial week where we had a 10 percent discount. Today is the start of the Steam holiday sale, at which RUSH will be sold for 50% off, which should influence sales again. It’s the first time we’ve been part of this sale, so its tough to predict what it will do.

[Dec 6th]
The first weekend is now behind us. As you can see the first two days have been nearly identical. This is a bit misleading though, since the game did not go live until early in the evening in Europe.

The game was pretty visible on the Steam store this weekend; it’s the most recent demo, it has a discount of 10% and we have a banner in the strategy category. We expect the sales to drop significantly on Monday as sales normally pick up during the weekends and this was a launch weekend.

This graph is automatically updated daily, so be sure back to check this page regularly!

(100% = first day sales)

[Original Story]

Everybody loves statistics! We’re in a sharing mood, so we’ve decided to share some statistics for our recently released Steam game, RUSH.

When we publish a game on a new platform, we often ask ourselves questions like; “Do we need to drop the price of our game to get more sales?” or “How do reviews and features affect sales?” Steam is a very open distribution platform. They offer a lot of options for you to promote your game and it allows you to trace your sales closely. This openness is great for a company such as Two Tribes since you can easily trace the effectiveness of your actions.

There are limits to what we’re allowed to show, actual numbers for instance, but the people at Valve were kind enough to allow us to share daily sales information with you. We can provide you with an overview of sales increases/decreases in percentages, this should give a good overview of the game’s ups and downs over time.

Two Tribes, Friday December 31 2010