Continuing the fine Two Tribes tradition of failing to meet deadlines, RIVE is now slated for a 2016 release.

While we never communicated a firm release date, we did expect to launch RIVE during 2015. The reason why we’re moving it to 2016 is simple… we’re not done yet.

Since moving to a three man team early last year we had to rediscover how to handle things with less man-power. This means a lot of tasks have to be handled sequentially, instead of spread throughout the team. If we need a new trailer, the level designs stall for two weeks. If we decide to attend PAX or EGX with a booth, the entire project is paused for several weeks. It’s frustrating, especially since it means we can’t let you play the final game yet, but it’s our current reality and we are adamant to make RIVE the absolute best game we’ve ever created.

So what HAVE we been doing lately? Aside from launching a site for RIVE at rivethegame.com, we have been super busy with the game itself.

Let me walk you through that with the most recent batch of screenshots.

Here’s the first boss fight you’ll encounter, just two missions into the game. You’ll also see we’ve revamped the HUD graphics, adding some much needed spit-shine.

Talking about HUD graphics, the hack mode sports a brand new one as well. Including useful info and useless fluff for added beauty.

Something we haven’t really discussed yet is the story for RIVE. This shot shows you how conversations will take place between you and the ship’s slightly weird A.I. bot called Daryll Lloyd-Lancaster. He’ll be your guide as you traverse the huge starship we’ve prepared for you!

Summing up: we’re making progress, it’ll be the best Two Tribes game ever, please be patient with us!


Collin, Wednesday December 2 2015