Who would have thought? A game from Two Tribes is going multi-platform! The latest to get the Steam treatment is our blocky puzzle game RUSH. From now on we're going to simply call it RUSH, who needs licenses anyway, right?

In a RUSH for Steam Testers

Since we are close to finishing up RUSH for Steam, we’d like to ask you to help us out with testing the game. We’ve got a dozen or so promotion codes to hand out for people who’d like to get a sneak peek of what we’re working on.

We’d like to test it on a wide variety of devices, to get a feeling for the performance. So if you have a crappy netbook or the greatest gaming-rig on the planet doesn’t matter, just drop a comment while logged into Facebook or use the ‘Notify me’ button so we’ll know how to reach you!

[UPDATE] PC only for the time being guys.

Collin, Wednesday October 20 2010