One of my, admittedly many, personal annoyances with the original Wii's WiiWare download store was that it was impossible to update our games.

After we released the original Toki Tori for the WiiWare launch back in 2008, we worked on versions for Steam and the iPhone that had improvements such as the ability to rewind time. This addition alone made the game much more enjoyable for players. However, these improvements never made it to Wii owners, because Nintendo did not have an update system in place for developers.

Fortunately Nintendo fixed this, and many other issues, when designing the Wii U eShop. So it pleases me greatly to announce that we’ve now updated the Wii U version to give players the same game experience as the recently released Steam version! Also, it’s 40% off for a week to celebrate!

Improvements Trailer

List of Improvements

  • New song which shows you exactly where you are on the world map.
  • In-level warp system to reduce backtracking
  • Additional and remixed puzzles based on Miiverse feedback. Thanks!
  • More graphics and scenes that support the story.
  • World map now automatically tracks where you’ve been
  • Graphical overhaul of every single level
  • New landmarks and themes (dragon skeletons, windmill park and more!)
  • Expanded soundtrack, now comes with dubstep and happy hardcore disco tracks!
  • Drawings from our Miiverse contest are now inside the game

Have fun playing!

Collin, Thursday September 12 2013