If we could get a few minutes of your time, we'll get you up to speed on what EDGE is and why you should be excited!

EDGE For Dummies

Let’s start off with the facts. EDGE is a game originally created by Mobigame. We picked it up as part of our indie publishing plans some time ago. It will be released on Steam on August 11th, followed by a release on the Mac App Store when Apple get around to approving the game.

Platformer, not puzzler

Puzzle games seem to have become our specialty at Two Tribes, but make no mistake, EDGE is a platformer first and puzzler a far second. You control the cube directly and the goal is always to get the fastest time. The power of the game’s deceptively simple concept is that it does so much with such a limited premise. EDGE keeps teaching you new tricks until the very last level without ever getting overly complex.

Retro cool

As you can see from the first screenshot we’ve released, EDGE’s presentation is deliciously retro. Screenshots do not do the game justice, since it uses color changes to great effect. For a little preview on what to expect, including the awesome soundtrack, check out the game’s iPhone trailer. We’ll have a brand-spanking new trailer ready for the release.


EDGE for Steam has received the trademark spit and polish from Two Tribes. We’ve taken the original’s tilt and touch controls and converted them to classic keyboard and analogue stick controls. In addition to the controls, the game now makes use of shaders and anti-aliasing and can be played up to any resolution you like. We’ve added levels that our testers say feature the traditional Two Tribes difficulty.

And last but not least, we’re using Steamworks to provide Steam cloud support, more than 30 original achievements and leaderboards for every level.

Not related to RUSH

Although it looks similar to the untrained eye, EDGE and RUSH are not related to each other. Pure coincidence actually. Yup.

Collin, Tuesday August 2 2011