The Achievement Unlocked Contest is now closed for entries! Thank you all for participating and showing us that the references are clearly visible enough!

And here are the correct answers:

Achievement icons: answers

Congratulations to:

Maximilian Stuhlmann
Benjamin Thompson
Riley Smith
Zach Durtsch
Michaël DE BONA
Steven Vascellaro
Nicolas Perez Gajardo
M Gaynor
Sam Listopad
Nicolás Rey
under standable
Josh Gunderson
Alex Patti

You all will be send a free copy of Toki Tori 2+ by the end of this week!

The original contest

While designing our achievement icons for Steam, Jeroen couldn’t resist to add some references to popular movies, video games and such. We wonder if people actually notice those references, so we have decided to put it to the test! Join our Achievement Unlocked Contest and perhaps you’ll win a free copy of Toki Tori 2+!

The rules

Entering the contest is really simple! Below you can find an image with six Toki Tori 2+ achievement icons numbered from 1 until 6. Look at the icons and guess the reference! Send your answers to tokitori2[at]twotribes[dot]com with subject ‘Achievement Unlocked Contest’

Achievement icons: guess the reference

Good luck to all of you! Winners will be announced on Wednesday August 28th.



Two Tribes, Tuesday August 20 2013