You came to the right place to learn a little something about Swords & Soldiers!

Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling action strategy game for iPhone and iPad, where you have to develop and command an army of units to defeat your opponents. Today’s lesson will teach you the basics of Swords & Soldiers, which we’ll do by dissecting a screenshot, shown below.

Let’s start from the top and work our way to the bottom.

Gold and Mana

Gold, as shown on the left, is needed for developing units and sending them into battle. Mana, shown on the right, is needed to use skills. Mana will gradually increase over time, while gold can only be earned by sending out gold miners.

Units and Skills

Units are represented by yellow circular buttons, skills by blue ones. After developing a unit or skill, the game will add a button to the row, giving you easy access to everything you’ve developed.

Your Leader

The game shows your leader on the left, towering above the battle field and handing out orders from the base. Throughout the game, you will get to play as several Viking, Aztec and Chinese leaders, all with their own unique personality. They play an important part in the game’s storyline as well!


The landscape is where all the action takes place. From left to right you will find: the base, your axe-thrower, one of your large-breasted gold miners, an enemy viking attacking your miner, another miner, a defeated enemy and finally the all important gold mine! Your units will always appear from your base when you press one of the yellow buttons on the top row.

Mini-map and buttons

At the bottom of the screen there is some space for the mini-map - which allows you to quickly scroll around the complete playing field - and the pause and upgrade buttons. The upgrade button is the place where you can develop new units and skills.

Swords & Soldiers will be out next Thursday! Feel free to check out the first gameplay footage in the mean time!


Collin, Tuesday July 5 2011