We've been working feverishly to provide you with the most addictive gaming experience on iPhone. Swap This! is the result and we promise it will make a swapaholic out of you in no-time!

Swap This!

We’ve made several different puzzle games in recent years, but this one provided us with quite the challenge. How can you innovate and stand out in one of the most crowded sub-genres, the color-matching games? Our answer was simple, throw out the rulebook and make up your own.

The gameplay in Swap This! is designed to be several layers deep. It’s a simple color matching game at first glance, but keep playing and it will introduce more and more elements to deepen the experience and keep things fresh. After a couple of rounds you’ll be juggling multiple real-time chain-reactions while contemplating whether to throw the fish bomb or slow down time to get into the special close up mode!


  • Battle enemy fish in Fish Fight
  • Have some quick fun in Minute Match
  • Test your wits in Puzzle Mode with over 45 puzzles
  • Compete against your Facebook Friends, boast on Twitter
  • Five special power-ups to help break the ice
  • Full Retina Display graphics with animated cutscenes





Get Swap This!

Swap this is available in two versions, one for the USA and one for the rest of the world. The links below will take you to the App Store of your choice:


Collin, Wednesday January 26 2011