Ever solved a Rubik's Cube? And you thought that was challenging? We bring you an entire world full of challenging puzzles. Feel free to join us as we enter Rubik's World!

Rubik’s World

Rubik’s World is inhabited by Cubies, the parts of which a Rubik’s Cube is made. Cubies are curious creatures by nature and when you enter Rubik’s World they will want to play with you and learn about the real world.

Rubik’s World hosts a wide selection of puzzle challenges and creative activities tailor-made for Nintendo Wii. The challenges range from guiding dozens of Cubies to carefully deconstructing structures made out of Cubies.

The game world evolves and changes based on input from the player. The more you teach the Cubies about the real world, the more they will incorporate your creations into their world.


  • Original Rubik’s Cube
  • Eight different challenges and activities
  • Hundreds of levels
  • User generated visuals and audio


  • Physics based gameplay
  • Multiplayer up to four players


  • Single-cart wireless multiplayer



Screenshots Wii version



Screenshots DS version




Two Tribes, Friday November 21 2008
Comments are welcome!

pc version NAO!

mangafee, Sunday October 23 2011, 7:52

Facebook refuses to log me in, but oh well.

Yes, I agree with the 3 month old comment. PC Version would be most welcome over here! ;D

FrazerJC, Sunday January 22 2012, 21:36

Two Tribes is becoming one of my favorite game developers. Would love to see an Rubiks World 2 or updated version of the original for the Wii U. One that uses the Wii game pad in intresting and original ways. Is there away to use the game pad to almost feel like you are actually holding and rotating the Rubiks Cube? Up for a challenge? Keep up the great work.

NBK Pops, Friday August 16 2013, 19:49

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