Toki Tori for Wii™ marks the entry of Two Tribes into the world of console games. Based on the critically acclaimed Game Boy Color game, this update improves the original on every front.

Toki Tori

Sporting a new look, updated content and a completely overhauled Wii Remote™ control scheme, the game offers players of all ages a classic gaming experience while making the most out of the Wii console.

The gameplay in Toki Tori is a blend of two genres. While it looks like a platform game, it’s a puzzle game by heart. Players will have to look and plan ahead carefully while using a variety of items, such as the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and InstantRock™ to name but a few.







Two Tribes, Friday January 29 2010
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Toki Tori speelde ik voor het eerst op de Game Boy Color. De critici waren toentertijd unaniem lovend. De verschillende levels (verspreid over vier werelden) variëren van prikkelend tot ongekend uitdagend. Toch kom je altijd terug om dat ene moeilijke level nog één keer te proberen. En wanneer het dan lukt voelt het heerlijk euforisch. Het was spijtig dat het spel uitkwam toen de Game Boy Advance net haar opwachting maakte waardoor een hoop gamers dit fantastische spel hebben gemist. Gelukkig is het spel nu uit voor een divers scala aan platforms.

De Wii-versie heeft samen met de iPhone versie de beste besturing. Je beweegt Toki Tori intuïtief door de levels heen door te wijzen en te klikken. Diverse power ups worden geleidelijk aan je arsenaal toegevoegd en bij elke krijgen de puzzels een nieuwe dimensie. Altijd voelt de game perfect gebalanceerd aan.

Er is geen enkele reden meer om Toki Tori niet te spelen. Of het nu voor Wiiware, de iPhone of Steam is: dit spel gaat je heel veel plezier geven.

Mart, Friday August 6 2010, 14:34

Btw, gents: All these Toki Tori versions are all much fun but it's still pretty much the same version that was brought to the Game Boy Color so many years ago (controlling- and graphics tweaks excluded). I think it's great that you want to provide Toki Tori for newcomers but one can only own so many versions of the same game.

So the question is: what's the status on a sequel?

Mart, Friday August 6 2010, 17:21

@ Mart

Good question. I can reveal that the game we've just released a teaser of will be a new IP. In some ways, it's the first new IP we're launching in nine years.. long time.

We will revisit Toki Tori for sure, but for now we're focused on other things.

Collin Ginkel, Friday August 6 2010, 18:16

I absolutely want Toki Tori for Android mobile platform. I already have Wii version, so new levels would be nice also .. pllllllleeeeeeeaase :) !

MM, Friday October 15 2010, 20:44


Working on it! ;)

Collin Ginkel, Friday October 15 2010, 22:23

Any chance of adding controller support on the Mac?

Roy Holland, Friday January 7 2011, 15:16

Hi Roy! I am afraid I have to disappoint you. It's not planned right now!

Collin Ginkel, Friday January 7 2011, 22:45

Please Make Toki Tori On The Xbox 360! Coming Soon To PS3 And PSP.

Anthony, Sunday March 6 2011, 2:35

A Sequal Plz? Called Toki Tori And The Golden eggs. 6 worlds and 6 bosses.

Anthony, Sunday April 3 2011, 2:07

Hi there.

Please fix the [buy this game] button so people who don't want to think can find it for Steam...
Hmm, but do we really need such people for puzzle games? :)

Keep it up, thanx for everything

Nicholas Denisov, Sunday May 15 2011, 1:36

MSX Power ! Hail FONY

poisonic, Friday October 7 2011, 11:29

Please, sell the DRM free version (from Humble Bundle) of this game on Desura. Steam's DRM is an annoyance.

SD-Snatcher, Sunday March 3 2013, 2:57

Hey guys, is Toki Tori for PSN ever coming to North America?Thanks.

John, Thursday March 21 2013, 5:37

What happened to the Android version? Can't find it on the google play store anymore.

Adam, Thursday July 4 2013, 3:06

Toki Tori for Android has been removed from the Google Play store. This happened because Two Tribes' cooperation with PolarBit ended. According to the official Twitter (https://twitter.com/TwoTribesGames/statuses/223044831298072576), the game will eventually reappear, but under Two Tribes' own account.

This leads to a question that definitely need answering soon: what will happen to those of us who bought the game in the past? If the app reappears, the app ID will probably change. This means we'll probably have to re-purchase it or not get any further updates, right?

Some clarification would be great.

Toki Fan, Friday July 5 2013, 9:45

We're working on getting it back with the same ID so that you can simply update to the new version!

Collin, Friday July 5 2013, 10:59

I just bought Toki Tori for Android with Google Play (version 1.0.3) and have a problem on Sony Ericsson Live WT19i. Game started but when i choose Forest Falls Level 1 is out of the screen and i can't enter them. Can I fix it or on my phone game will not work ?

Yarpen, Sunday July 14 2013, 9:42

Hi guys, just want to share my version of Toki tori i've created for Casio calculators in 2011 :


Have fun.

Riptor, Tuesday July 16 2013, 15:58

Wow Riptor! That is really cool, do you have a video of it running on a real device?

Collin Ginkel, Wednesday July 17 2013, 20:38

I bought Toki Tori from Humble Bundle and I have the same problem as others on my low-resolution Sony Xperia Mini Pro (320x480) in that I cannot select any level since level 1 and some others are off the screen!
Will you fix that problem?

Daniel Schaf, Thursday July 18 2013, 21:12

You're best off contacting Apportable, who did the port for us. Good luck!

Collin, Friday July 19 2013, 11:09

i love toki tori and toki tori 2+ ! waiting for a toki tori 3 ! :)

avi, Wednesday January 1 2014, 11:47


(NOT TOKI), Monday October 6 2014, 14:54

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